How does your meal packages work?

Swolehouse Meals offers discounted prices based off of cart quantity, and is automatically adjusted as you add meals to your cart! The price table can be found on the top of the meal category that you have chosen.

When should I expect delivery?
Current delivery schedule is currently  every Sunday, Between the hours of 12pm and 8pm.Delivery can be made if you are not home. 
Delivery times May Vary based on traffic, weather, and/or order volume.


What if I am not home during my delivery time window?
The food can hold temperature for 3-4 hours outside if someone was not able to accept delivery. Orders are delivered in an enclosed insulated bag.


Do you have any weight loss packages?
Based on the average person, Swolehouse recommends 3 Swolehouse Standard meals per day as well as two healthy snacks!
Do you have any bulking packages?
Swolehouse Meals carry a variety of our Standard sized meals in XL size, and for added calories we also carry various amounts of meats and carbs by the pound!


When is my order due? What happens if I place my order late?
Orders can be placed anytime online from Saturday to Friday, and are due Friday at Midnight. If you place an order after that time your delivery will be pushed to the following week for delivery. 
Why can’t I get my order delivered sooner than Sunday?
Orders are Prepared one day prior to deliveries to ensure freshness for the week!


When will I be charged for my order?
Your payment will be processed the day your order is placed. 


What if I used to order a specific item but can no longer find it on the menu?
Swolehouse changes our menu frequently to always bring new meals to our customers! If an item you are looking for is no longer on the menu, it may be discontinued.


How do I know if my order went through?
You will receive an email confirmation immediately after placing your order. 


What is the cancellation policy?
Orders must be cancelled by Thursday at 11:59pm. If cancellation is past deadline customer is responsible for full payment. 


Can I modify a meal that I see on the menu?
Swolehouse Meals Includes a Low Carb option in a variety of our meals, as well as an option to substitute for brown rice!
What areas do you deliver to?
Deliveries are made to all of Long Island, Nassau, and Queens.
How do I store my meals?
Swolehouse Meals are prepared the day prior to delivery to ensure freshness for the whole week when kept refrigerated, but any meals that will not be eaten within a 3 day period need to be stored in the freezer to preserve freshness.
What is the sodium content of your meals?
All of our meals are under 475mg of sodium.
How are your meals weighed?
All food used in meals is weighed properly RAW to assure nutritional accuracy.
Swolehouse Meals point system hold any cash value?
The points you are given based off of the amount of total dollar value of your order holds no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash at any time. Your points can only be used for discounting your total order amount when a meal package is purchased.